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Work Injury Rehabilitation in Cranberry Township, PA

When you are involved in a work-related injury, it can be an especially problematic experience. Not only are you in pain, but you might be prevented from performing your duties on the job due to the injury, putting you in a tight spot financially. If you are looking for relief from such an injury, depend on the professionals at Rainier Physical Therapy to provide you comprehensive work injury rehabilitation in Cranberry Township, PA. With us, you'll have access to highly trained, specialized team of work injury rehab therapist who are devoted to alleviating any pains you may have in your shoulder, back, head, neck, legs, or any other part of your body that has been injured while on the job. For more than 14 years, our multidisciplinary clinic has been providing top-quality medical care to treat a wide variety of injuries through physical therapy. We strive to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to the latest techniques for therapy in the industry.

Set up an appointment at our work injury rehab clinic today and let us educate you on all the types of treatments available. Our goal is to help you receive the care you need to return to your daily routine. The sooner you are able to get back to work, the sooner you can begin to heal mentally from the ordeal of being injured. More than that, the faster your quality of life returns to normal the happier you'll be in the long run. Let us start you down the path toward full recovery, allowing you to get back to doing the job you love in no time.

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The Importance Work Injury Rehab

Injuries in the workplace are capable of causing damage to a variety of body parts, including the lungs, ears, eyes, and skin. When deciding on which work injury rehab clinic in the area to choose, it is important to weigh the benefits and options of each clinic. Our company offers a holistic approach to physical therapy, taking into account your entire body and the way the injury is affecting it.

Our staff understands all of the frustrations that accompany the denial of medical services, the loss of benefits, and the delays that might be involved after an accident at work. We do everything we can to ensure you have access to the medical help you need after an injury.

Contact us as soon as you are injured at work for the therapy you need. We are proud to serve Cranberry Township, Freedom, Rochester, New Sewickley Township, and Mars, Pennsylvania, and the surrounding area.