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Stroke Rehabilitation in Cranberry Township, PA

Strokes are among the most debilitating medical problems that anyone could possibly face. They not only present a significant risk of death, they also reduce your central nervous function and cause day-to-day life to decline significantly without taking the proper steps toward healing. With our stroke rehabilitation in Cranberry Township, PA, your loved one has the chance to move on from a stroke, regain their full mobility, and take steps toward preventing future strokes through proper physical activity. Our stroke rehabilitation clinic keeps up with the latest trends and techniques in the industry for helping your loved one to regain normal function in a short period of time.

The severity of limitations caused by a stroke varies from person to person and from stroke to stroke. In many cases, brain functionality is severely hampered by the incident, leading you to forget a good percentage of both motor and cognitive skills. Our fully licensed, bonded, and insured team of compassionate therapists is devoted to providing the stroke rehab you or your loved one need to retrain their brain to perform everyday tasks. We have all the training and patience needed to gently guide stroke victims through the process of regenerating sensory-motor and cognitive functions that are damaged form massive blood clots.

How Does Stroke Rehab Work?

Put simply, stroke rehab is similar to going back to school. Since a stroke directly affects your brain, the basic functions with which you perform simple activities such as walking or communicating can be erased from your mind. We start from the very beginning, utilizing techniques for strengthening motor skills through simple exercises, teaching your loved one to walk using aids, and restoring your full range of motion. Stroke therapy is different from many of our other therapies in that it requires both the body and the mind to be restored in tandem. Mentally forgetting how to walk causes your muscles to weaken from not practicing the task as well, so once we retrain your brain to move, your muscles need to be strengthened as well.

Don't wait if you or a loved one has suffered from a stroke. The sooner we are able to begin therapy, the better chance we have of fully restoring functionality and return the ability to lead a normal life again.

Stroke Rehabilitation Session in Cranberry Township, PA

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