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Neck Therapy in Cranberry Township, PA

Neck pain is among the most consistent and common types of pain there is. Due to the common nature of the pain, many people do not understand the importance of going to a neck therapist. Many sufferers of neck pain, particularly those who perform jobs that involve sitting for long periods or intense manual labor, simply assume that their pain is a natural result of the job, a side-effect of their lifestyle for which there is nothing to be done. While the first part of that idea may be true, the latter is not. With the help of our neck therapy clinic, there is something to be done about your persistent or sudden neck pain or discomfort.

If you require neck therapy in Cranberry Township, PA, trust in Rainier Physical Therapy. Possessing more than 14 years of experience in physical therapy, our team is more than equipped to take care of a wide range of neck-related injuries and pain. If you find that you are unexpectedly suffering from neck pain or have recently been in an accident, you owe it to yourself to seek our help.

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Regular, persistent pain is more than just a minor discomfort; it is a threat to your ability to lead a normal life. If your neck hurts, it becomes more and more difficult to engage in the activities that you once loved. The detachment this creates even leads to distance forming between you and your friends, perhaps even preventing you from enjoying the relaxing time you spend with your family. Seek the assistance of our neck therapy office if you are beginning to not feel like your normal self because of neck pain. Do not wait any longer than you have to when it comes to neck problems. In our experience, we have found that the sooner we see you, the easier it is to address the problem. In some cases, neck pain is related to a spinal injury. If this is the case, we also offer spine treatment options to ensure we accurately fix your issue.

There are several signs for which to look out that may indicated you need to see a neck therapist. If you begin experiencing stiffness or pain in the neck itself, that is a fairly obvious sign. However, there are other ways in which neck issues manifest. The pain often begins in the shoulder and arm; depending on the specific type of issue, you may also experience headaches. If you experience any of these symptoms, call us immediately for a consultation.

Call us today to make an appointment in order to discover precisely what is causing your neck pain and how to fix it. We are proud to serve Cranberry Township, Freedom, Rochester, New Sewickley Township, and Mars, Pennsylvania, and the surrounding area.

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