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Gait and Movement Retraining in Cranberry Township, PA

Improving the mobility of your joints is a type of manual physical therapy technique specifically intended to improve the range of motion of your joints, reduce pain, and help improve your overall movement and gait. There are a variety of factors that potentially cause stiffness in your joints and lead to you losing mobility, including stress injury, age, or simple bad posture. If you are suffering from low mobility thanks to stiffness in the joints, our movement retraining might be exactly what you need to regain your freedom and range of motion. Rainier Physical Therapy offers gait and movement retraining in Cranberry Township, PA, putting more than 14 years of experience in the field of physical therapy behind our work. We understand the difficulty of facing lack of mobility on a daily basis, which is why our therapists specialize in gait retraining and other manual therapies to increase mobility. Our goal is to ensure you return to a state of comfort and freedom that is only afforded by full joint range of motion.

Patients on Treadmills in Cranberry Township, PA

Effective, Compassionate Gait Retraining

If you notice that walking has become more difficult due to stiffness, discomfort, or recurring pains in your joints, set up an appointment with us at your earliest convenience to get help from a professional therapist. Do not sit around and wait for your joint pain to rob you of all your mobility. Many people think they do not need help, as their joint problems will simply go away. While this may be true of certain, very specific injuries, it is important in any case to seek a professional.

Our biomechanical assessments accurately gauge exactly what is wrong with your gait, pinpointing the exact joint that is causing the problem and giving us a clear indication of how to fix the problem. Chronic joint issues and loss of mobility are not problems that simply going to disappear overnight. Instead, they require treatment from a fully certified therapist to ensure they go away and stay away.

The Clinic to Trust for Movement Retraining

If you have lived with low mobility and joint pain for a while, it may be hard to get back on your feet once we have solved the problem. Our movement retraining makes sure that nothing else goes wrong due to improperly shifting weight. Everything from the knees to the hips to the spine can be thrown out of order by placing your weight incorrectly, a habit that is easy to fall into once you've been living with pain and trying to shift your weight in order to avoid aggravating it. We are here to help ensure nothing else goes wrong.

Call us today to begin the process of getting you back on your feet and returned to full mobility. We are proud to serve Cranberry Township, Freedom, Rochester, New Sewickley Township, and Mars, Pennsylvania, and the surrounding area.